Mujtaba Ali Technical and Construction Company (MACC)

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Mujtaba Ali Technical and Construction Company (MACC)

Mujtaba Ali Technical and Construction Company (MACC) is an Afghan owned and registered company that gained its license from AISA under rules and regulation of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is trying to provide construction services (Maintenance Services) with high quality in all around of Afghanistan.


We know that in construction of buildings huge costs are incurred for power systems, cabinets, ceilings, heating systems, air conditioners, fixtures and fittings, and exterior repairs. Therefore maintenance of facilities and repairing of their systems is considered necessary   Read More ....

Sewage facilities are of high importance. With the effective maintenance of sewage installations, it can greatly increase the effectiveness of its operation. The lack of appropriate maintenance of sewage facilities (septic wells, their systems) may cause problems in the wastewater system and also affect sewage into groundwater Read More .....

At present, the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has a number of installed generators in its central unites to provide the electricity needed for those unites. The Ministry of Defense uses these models of generators with various models and companies such as Read More ....

Since water is a source of human life and without water human cant live. water conservation, such as wells, rivers, seas and etc, is considered to be very important. Maintenance of water resources, especially wells (deep, semi-deep, shallow), should be implemented on the basis of specific conditions and characteristics Read More .....

Logistic Plan

MACC company has a strong logistic management to provide the necessary supplies for the project and prevent the stroke and work stopage. Sufficient logistical maneuvers also increase the quality of work. In addition to the foregoing, Mujtaba Ali will use a central warehouse (company workshop) for logistical support of any site (delivery of items, materials, etc. services required by the site). This means that all the tools, equimpent, workpieces, and support materials are purchased and stored in the company's headquarter to be available to the site personnel when needed and to avoid wandering and vesting time. Act. It is worth mentioning that Mujtaba Ali has a plan for the timely delivery and delivery of products.

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