Company Background

Mujtaba Ali Technical and Construction Company (MACC) is an Afghan owned and registered company that gained its license from AISA under rules and regulation of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is trying to provide construction services (Maintenance Services) with high quality in all around of Afghanistan.

(MACC) as non-governmental and nonpolitical company is aimed to provide maintenance, repairing and other related services for governmental office, NGOs, national and international organization of Afghanistan and tried to prepare better opportunities for all members of society without prejudges to tribe, religion, nation and sex.

(MACC) has its’ professional and expert personnel which made a high range of capacity and capability for the company and are able to provide high quality of services in any working area to their clients which they have gained from past performance with the national and international organizations.

The capacity of the company is based on its relation with famous companies of the world such as Perkins, Cummins and Caterpillar which all the required equipment and parts of the project is maintained from these companies according to national and international standards by Afghanistan customs that all the custom’s documents is witnessed for the company performance. Also the company achieved several Citification from our international partners against its performance.

 (MACC) has full experience in maintenance and repairing of power generators and has been successfully completed different such projects in past.

As each of the project has its requirements, we recognizing our weakness and strength and we are always trying for improvement and build of our capacity so the best technical approaches can be gained and all the aspect of the project requirement could complete and the optimal consent of employer achieved at best manner.

The consent of our clients and providing high quality of services is from the main goals of the company which all these can be enabled just by calling or sending an email to (MACC).


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