Administrative Capacity

Managing and directing the company is important for the successful implementation of all affairs. The administrative unit of Mujtaba Ali Co., with its experienced and trained personnel, is able to respond to all aspects of administrative and managerial affairs.

Managers of Mujtaba Ali Company, with the experience of doing enough to plan and implement all the affairs of the company in its best form. Managers of Mujtaba Ali are responsible for all aspects of the company's administrative and managerial responsibilities and will be responsible for ensuring transparency in the work processes.

Human Resource Management The company is always trying to recruit qualified, well-educated, well-trained and highly professional ethics and employees to avoid disrupting these corporate processes.

  • Recruitment of required personnel (as needed)
  • Holding a training program for newly hired people
  • To hold a general meeting at the central workshop to provide the project information to the technical and administrative staff.
  • Formation of personnel Presenance forms
  • Awareness of personnel about changes in affairs.

  1. Required Personnel Recruitment: It should be noted that Mujtaba Ali has 650 employees who are technical and non-technical staff who work in various sectors to advance their affairs.

  2. Holding a training program for newly hired people: Since newly recruited people may not have enough work experience, the human resource department of the company will take up training programs for these people. This app is for one month will be the key elements of the project.


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