Financial Capacitiy

Each project has expenditures and requires financial resources. Mujtaba Ali has enough funds to advance matters related to this contract. Part of this funding from the company's investment and the other part will be funded through the provisions of the previous projects of the company. The inactive budget of the company is available in the bank account of the company. As mentioned above, Mujtaba Ali has also been involved in the maintenance and repair of generators and major repairs of generators, maintenance and repairs of plants (Sewer Planet and Water Planet), construction and repair of roads and building in previous years. And that is why it is familiar with all sorts of uses in this affair. Mujtaba Ali Company is a large company operating in many areas such as construction projects, road building projects, maintenance and reparing of generators, maintenance and reparing of facilities, maintenance of equipment, etc., and the ability to respond quickly to all financial and project finance needs. The financial sector of the company has a project plan for last year's project, which requires only a brief revision and is ready for implementation in the field.


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