Technical Capacity

Mujtaba Ali has a technical and engineering team of experienced personnel, a well-equipped workshop, a strong logistic system, strong management and sufficient experience to carry out construction, Road building, building materials, (maintenance of generators, systems and equipment, maintenance and care The water supply and sewage system, the maintenance of the sewage system), with its proposed repairs and related services, are required to supply them.

Mujtaba Ali, with sufficient experience of his previous projects, has identified his weaknesses and always strives to eliminate them, which will increase our company's capacity.

Mujtaba Ali has the capacity to carry out this contract with a competent team of engineers, building engineers, technicians, Electric engineer, autho mechanic engineers, safty engineers (Work Safety), supervisors and administrative staff. Our past projects are also clear that we are able to handle these affair.

on the other hand, as all products and equipment are being developed and updated. Therefore, Mujtaba Ali's team of experts may encounter deficiencies that have not been experienced in the past; in other words, Mujtaba Ali has already been in contact with some foreign engineers and technical advisers before, and if necessary, can send their deployment to Afghanistan to provides technical advice in consultation with them.

Having a professional and experienced team in one hand and having equipped workshops in the other hand has enabled us to implement small and large repairs of equipment as soon as possible. The Mujtaba Ali Center workshop with more than 150 employees, such as: workshop manager, high voltage power engineers, high voltage electrician, mechanic engineers, engineers (safety), repairers, service providers, wiring worker has the ability to implement Small and large repairs, change and replacement of parts and components and other matters related to generators, transformers, etc.

All personnel working in the Mujtaba Ali workshop are Afghans have the technical capability and excellent work capacity with the experience in repairing different types of generators. Most of these people have a higher education or a semi-excellent degree, and this is very important in improving the company's technical capacity.

The workshop (photo below) is equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies, and at the end of each week a list of shortages is provided and sent to the logistics department of the company for purchase.

If the parts and equipment are equired for the damaged generators are not present in the central warehouse and workshop, then the logistics team of the company will take its specifications and make it as soon as possible.

If the necessary parts are not available in the Afghan market, then the logistics department of the company will take over the obligations and measures they will take from abroad. Of course, the purchase of parts from abroad will be in accordance with the technical guidelines of the manufacturer of equipment and its legal transfer to Afghanistan.


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