Professional goals and practical affairs

These are the main goals of the company to provide our technical and professional capabilities. A complex increase in construction projects in Afghanistan requires the use of advanced products and equipment, technicians, mitologists and equipment and tools. Over the past few years, having strong and good relationships with international clients and leading institutional experts, it has enabled the company to integrate with a comprehensive system with international standards including quality control plan and human resources among well-established construction companies.
We are also committed to raise the capacity of our compatriots, and especially of our young people, which is one of the goals of the company, which as a result, has witnessed the presence of well-developed and significant Afghan engineers and technicians in the region. 

Health Policy, Safety and Field Workds
Mujtaba Ali is committed to raising its level of performance in order to set up affairs in a friendly environment, reduce the level of corruption, increase the level of resource efficiency, and cover assistance for promoting stability and improving social conditions.

  • Maintaining energy, water, oil and other natural resources to provide comfortable and suitable conditions for work.
  • To minimize resource waste through proper reuse of materials.
  • Prevent and continue to minimize air pollution through regular and continuous water spray in the project area.
  • Providing safe working conditions and maintaining the green area in work areas.
  • Compliance with standard policies and practical regulations in the field.

To develop new and innovative ideas, provide responsible leadership by encouraging employees and workers to implement partnerships and subcontractors, as well as coordinating this policy with all partners.


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