Quality Assurance plan

The quality of work requires the supervision and comprehensive examination of affairs. The quality of projects is met by monitoring the progress of the projects. Mujtaba Ali has a variety of practices to ensure the quality of its projects. Of course, each of the projects has different requirements and specifications, and there is a difference in the quality Assurance Plan of each.
There are a few important issues in supplying the quality of work:

  • Escort work to the competents
  • Enough work experience
  • Continuous monitoring and care of affairs
  • Reporting on the implementation of affairs
  • Implementation of information promotion programs

Mujtaba Ali, with the understanding that quality of work is very important in the success and effectiveness of the project, provides the quality assurance plan as follows: 

  • Escort work to competents:

Mujtaba Ali is committed to the quality of its projects. One of the key factors in this matter is to provide work to the worker. In this regard, Mujtaba Ali will be very careful in hiring its personnel and will tailor its personnel according to the requirements and specifications of each project. Training programs for staff can also be effective in improving their quality of work.

  • Enough work experience

Experience in every task is the key to more success. Mujtaba Ali, having experience in building construction, road building, maintenance and repair of generators, major repairs of generators, maintenance and of power planets, water and sewage planerts and various systems of the plant, and solving their problems, challenges and their affairs. It is well-aware, and therefore has the ability to cope with problems and meet all the requirements of the projects. 

  • Continuous monitoring and care of affairs:

Continuous monitoring and supervision can be effective in preventing deficiencies and inefficiencies. In this regard, we are considering a specific program for the precise implementation and advancement of affairs to prevent possible deficiencies and, therefore, we have chosen the supervisors for each Site Teams. Supervisors have the task of continuous monitoring of the team's daily routines and to identify their weaknesses and strengths by addressing the weaknesses and enhancing their strengths. The supervisor of each team is responsible for reporting the team's performances. Reports will be presented in the context of technical affairs.

Mujtaba Ali also has a quality control team. The team is responsible for reviewing the reports of each site and recommending the necessary items.

The Quality Control Team will also arrange specific work procedures based on requirments of each site and provide them to supervisors of the site as appropriate.

  • Reporting on the implementation of affairs:

Reporting on the implementation of affairs is one of Mujtaba Ali's actions to ensure the quality of project affairs. Supervisors of each team are required to insert their daily affairs into a daily check list and report them to the company's management. The company management will review the reports and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team, and will provide them with the necessary advice through a quality control team.

  • Implementation of information promotion programs

Experience shows that the program and training courses are very effective during the project. Because these programs and courses contain new information and help to raise the level of knowledge of the personnel and help to improve their technical and working quality. On this occasion, Mujtaba Ali, with this understanding, will hold training courses and information programs on a quarterly basis.


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