Safety Plan

The following are the steps that Mujtaba Ali is proposing to advance the affairs:

In the first step, for the execution of any affairs, the necessary requirements and appropriate equipment must be available. In the second step, the correct way to use the work equipment should be in place to prevent accidents, injuries, and so on. The work practices include the safety of the work and the person performing the affairs. Each worker and personnel can perform their assigned duties correctly so that the work safety and work equipment are available to him. And Mujtaba Ali has its own procedures and plans to ensure that the safety of the personnel and affairs are in place and are desirable. Some safety tips that Mujtaba Ali's construction personnel will take will be as follows:

  • Provide appropriate equipment and tools to staff
  • Conduct a training workshop for training staff members
  • While wearing the generator and around the generator, wear personal protective equipment such as helmets, protective gloves, protective glasses and other equipment in the area.
  • When working around generators that are clear, ear protection equipment to prevent injury to the ears.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that may be harnessed in pieces.
  • Ensure that all protectors and covers of different parts of the generator are in place and firm.
  • Reporting any necessary repairs.


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