Maintenance of Facilities

We know that in construction of buildings huge costs are incurred for power systems, cabinets, ceilings, heating systems, air conditioners, fixtures and fittings, and exterior repairs. Therefore maintenance of facilities and repairing of their systems is considered necessary because in one hand the maintenance and care preventes from occurrence of defects and losses, which itself reduces the cost of repairs, and on the other hand it increase the functioning lifespan of buildings. It should not be ruled out that maintenance of buildings can indirectly affect their users, because researches show that people can feel comfortable and well-maintained in places with good care, and they can do their job properly and reasonably well. To do.

Mujtaba Ali Company will provide the following services for the maintenance and repair of the buildings. 
In the first step, the company will visit all facilities and building to determine the status of repairs and facilities (good, normal, weak) and, as a resultthe required actions, will be taken to such information. Having information on the state of buildings and their systems is very important in proper management, prioritizing affairs, arranging an effective maintenance plan, procurement of supplies and human resources.
Mujtaba Ali divides the maintenance of buildings into two categories:
1- Prevantative Maintenance

  1. Immediate Maintenance
  2. Preventative maintenance activities are those activities that will be implemented according to plan; in other words, they arescheduled maintenance activities, which their implementationthe buildings and their components will work effectively and increase their lifespan. Implementation of these activities are to prevent the cessation of building’s system activities, including regular audits, adjustments, greasing, equipment conversion, and so on. Mujtaba Ali will arrange a work schedule for Prevantative maintenance activities and execute the affairs in accordance with it. Preventative activities will have long and short term courses. It is worth noting that the conditions of maintenance of a field vary from one eare to another and from one country to another, thereby respecting the local standards and Nationals regulations are essential in this regard. Therefore, Mujtaba Ali will carry out preventive maintenance activities by technical personnel, so to do theseactivities will be done properly;on the other hand, will not cause any damage ofbuildings and their systems.

The Mujtaba Ali Company is actively follows five objectives in prevantive maintenance of buildings and their systems:

  • Keeping active of buildins and their systems in accordance with the purposes for which they are designed.
  • Avoiding defects in buildings and their systems that cause a stroke in employee and officer affairs.
  • Reducing the cost of repairs and maintain proper national facilities
  • Meeting the health work environment by maintaining repairs and components in a good condition.
  • Providing maintenance and care services that are effective and cost effective and useful.
  1. Immediate Maintenances are those which will not be executed according to a pre planned schdules, in other words, they are not scheduled maintenance activities. These matters are not included in the maintenance table, and they appear urgently and untimely. Such as plugging the power cord, repairing the broken windows, and so on. Mujtaba Ali has provided a special procedure for the implementation of urgent precautionary measures.


Maintenance of Facilities
Maintenance of Facilities
Maintenance of Facilities


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