Maintenance of Generators (Power Plant)

Mujtaba Ali construction and technical company did the maintenance of generators of Ministry Defense for several yaers and at the present, the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has a number of installed generators in its central unites to provide the electricity needed for those unites. The Ministry of Defense uses these models of generators with various models and companies such as PERKINS, CATERPILLAR, VIBROPOWER, AKSA, OLMPIAN, BLACKSTAR, COMMINS, FGWEL, Turkish., Etc. On this basis, the need for maintenance of all these generators is highly recommanded, in order these generatora operate fairly, and to prevent the stopage in supply of electricity, to prevent the inactivation of generators and to avoid huge cost of repairing them as far as possible.

The Ministry of Defense uses its transformers to convert low voltage electricity to high voltage electricity. As the 400 volt power of the generators is transmitted to the 400 volt breakers and then transmitted to step up transformers. The transducers take up 400 volts and convert it to 15,000 volts (high voltage electricity). High voltage 15000 volts transmitted from Step Up to 15,000 voltsbreakers and from there into a Bus Bar and transported through them to a 15KV feeder, then the high voltage electricity is transmitted through the feeder to the step-down transformers of each site and Redundant low-voltage (400 volts) converters and ready-to-distribute to final consumers.

The reason for the conversion of low voltage to high voltage: Since the path between the power source and the final consumer is long, this will cause waste of electricity while the electricity is transmission to consumers. Therefore, in order to prevent and compensate for these losses, low voltage electricity needs to be converted to high voltage electricity and then connected to the power lines, and after reaching the final destination, again by using transformers convert high voltage electricity to a low voltage electric power supply.

Mujtaba Ali will provide the following services :

  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Repair services
  • Procurement of parts and components for alternate and continuous maintenance of generators, such as examinations, inspections, controls, tests and etc.
  • Providing supporting materials.
  • Sustainability support of maintenance activities
  • Reporting deficiencies and important issues related to generators to the authorities of each of the site and facilities of the Ministry.


Maintenance of Generators (Power Plant)
Maintenance of Generators (Power Plant)


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