Maintenance of sewage treatment plants (Sewer Planet)

Sewage facilities are of high importance. With the effective maintenance of sewage installations, it can greatly increase the effectiveness of its operation. The lack of appropriate maintenance of sewage facilities (septic wells, their systems) may cause problems in the wastewater system and also affect sewage into groundwater, sewage and wells, and thus result in the creation of deadly and dangerous diseases.

  1. Since repairing, replacing and rehabilitating sewage installations and equipment is one of the most costly part of construction affairs, Mujtaba Ali, using standard methods and experienced personnel, will try to utilize the facilities and The sewage equipment is maintained in a comprehensive manner, to prevent defects in these facilities and to prevent westing government money from repairing and restoration of these facilities and equipment.
  2. The second objective, which is our most important goal, is to maintain the sewage system in order to provide the appropriate health of the personnel that use these facilities and equipment. Since the maintenance of the sewage system is a direct link to the health of the user, proper and reasonable care of this facility is considered critical.

Mujtaba Ali will arrange a maintenance plan for matters related to the care, monitoring, evaluation and testing of sewage installations and equipment, as well as the discharge and disposal tables, and will provide the following.

Mujtaba Ali, in intermittent periods (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six months, annually), will evaluate the sewage facilities and equipment, ensure their proper operation, deficiencies, and ensure improving the status of the facilities .
Mujtaba Ali will carry out the discharge of septic wells on all sites. The frequency and duration of the septic wells discharge depends on size of the well and the number of people using it. On sites where the septic wells are small and its users are hight, the frequency of wells discharge will be higher. Mujtaba Ali has been provided with drainage tankers for evacuation of wastewater wells, details of which are provided in the company's vehicles section.
Also, Mujtaba Ali is going to carry out a specific procedure in case of emergency and deficiencies that does not include in sewage treatment plans. The procedure will attempt to prevent a large number of strokes in the operation of sewage systems. In cases that are outside the control of the Mujtaba Ali Company's maintenance team, the matter will be shared with the engineer of the Ministry and the field office of the company and will be mutually agreed upon in order to remedy the deficiencies.
The facility maintenance and sewage management team is comprised of hydrotechnicsengeniers, qualified plumbers, and service staff. hydrotechnics engineers will be responsible for the technical and regulatory issues of water and wastewater facilities and equipment. Plumbers are responsible for the opertion of water and wastewater facilities and equipment and the Service Personasl are responsible for the operation of drainage, cleaning and execution of water and wastewater facilities and equipment.

Maintenance of sewage treatment plants (Sewer Planet)
Maintenance of sewage treatment plants (Sewer Planet)


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