Road building

The construction of roadways arekey element of a costruction that has a sagnificant in developing of countries. The roads in Afghanistan over decades of conflict and regional disasters have caused the most devastation. To meet and provide of this need, building highways is one of the major needs of our suffering country. Mujtaba Ali company has been expanding its construction and engineering section to improve its capabilities, in turning projects and in the planning and development of infrastructure. The Road building section of the company includes the following major parts to complete the projects on time:

  •  survey department.
  •  Evaluation and Measurement Section.
  •  Planning, monitooring and cost control.
  •  Quality control and quantity of materials
  •  Road construction section
  •  The Department of Hydrology and Geotechnical Research
  • Material testing and quality control
  •  Health, Safety and Environment.

Road building
Road building


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